my toonboom v3 is crushing....

whenever i try to import any illustrator file my studio v3 close automatically …similarly sometimes when i try to copy /paste my drawing elements same process with my studo occurs again and again …any solution exits?


I am wondering, is this happening only in 1 single scene? If so, how big is your scene (element wise, what type of elements are used, how long is the scene, what is the physical size of the scene on your machine). We already encountered that kind of problem when a single scene was exceeding the ram memory available on the machine so it just closed the application.

What you could do to solve this problem is enhance the amount of virtual memory you have. This can be accessed (under window) in Control Panel>System>Advanced tab>Press Settings button of Performance>Advanced tab>Change button. There you can switch to Custom Size. You can go up to about 3 to 4 times the amount of Ram you have on your machine. Although I must warn you that you need to have some available space on your hard drive since the Virtual memory is actually swapping place so it temporarily replace Ram by using your hard drive.

Let us know if this solves the problem.

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Make sure there is no special character or even space character in the name of the AI or PDF file.

Also, if you use the AI extension, make sure to save with the pdf compability. Try also to save your artwork in PDF from Illustrator.


im using 2Giga… P4 system with 512 MB RAm , i dont think i hv a problem of virtual memory but i hv changed my virtual memory size too but still facing the same problem :’(

Hi Awais,

Would it be possible to send us the actual pdf or ai file so we could see what the problem might be caused by. It might actually be something that we can fix or find the cause. You can send it to

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ok i will soon send it to u but please develope some toon boom compatibality with illustrator there r some others problem too …