My Toon Boom keeps crashing!

A few days ago I found that the Toon Boom program (I have Studio 3.5 on a Mac) would crash every time I tried to add a keyframe. As I played around with the program looking for the cause of the problem I realized it crashed every time I used any of the scene planning tools. I have seen other postings that had crashing problems and saw that some of the suggestions dealt with Ram or file size but I have 2 G of Ram and the crash happens even when I try it on a file only a few frames long. I also tried reinstalling the program to no avail. What happened?!?!? I recently purchased and installed a new Wacom pad but it seemed to be working fine, although since I got it I had mainly been doing artwork rather than actual animation. Could that cause the program to crash? Did I get an unrelated Mac update that is throwing off Toon Boom? I’m going crazy trying to fix this! Please help! ??? ???


I think this is a bug that was fixed in the patch of v3.5 so you might want to go to the My Account section>My Products, download the latest version and replace your old one by this new one.

Else then that you should be able to avoid this by unchecking the Snap Last Keyframe option in the Tools menu.

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