My third animation

hey everyone,

there is no dialogue in this one, and the text is subtitled.

let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Great to see you using your skills for a great cause.

A few comments
-the walking looked like were on ice skates
-the repeated texture on the ladies dress need to be tileable to make it look good
-at the end while zooming out, i don’t get what the bottom half was (was it meant to be underground or a road?). Either way it didn’t look very appealing.

You main chartacter was very loverable.

Hey, Amin, another very nice animation! I agree with James’ comments on the walk cycles and patterns. The one thing that threw me off was that the little kid fades in at the beginning. It makes it unclear if he is a ghost or something. I think it would be better if he were just standing there without the fade in.

I think that’s one important concept in animation–or any form of communication for that matter–is that the message is clear and easy to “read.” Your audience should be able to easily understand what you’re trying to say.

Hi Amin

1) I found it very sad and moving.
2) I certainly noticed the walks, there’s obviously foot glide and shake. I couldn’t work out if it was a stylistic thing. If it wasn’t deliberate, you need to use some guide markers when you do the contact points. How many frames is the walk cycle on?
3) great colours, music and lighting.


thanks everyone…

it’s interesting i didn’t notice the walk thing, i don’t remember exactly how many frames and i am away from my laptop now but i think there were 8 frames (in twos) in one cycle if not more. then i attached the layer to a peg and then moved the start and end positions to finally get what i thought was a good walk with no gliding… do you guys attach a peg too? or do you position every frame in the cycle separately?

the texture did give me a hard time, the original texture picture i used was a too small in size, all designs i could find online were small too. is there an option in Animate to tile them i didn’t know about? where do you guys get your textures? do you buy them?

thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hey Amin

I did a lot of stickman walks on 16s in “Fratellanza e Pace”. I did the posiitions in frames and then put the forward in movement with a couple of keyframes in the same layer. I base all walks on the Richard Wiliams analysis. I have also used pegs. You’re welcome to a *.anim file containing the walks if you want. The file name is “Test_First_Scene_01.anim” (that’s for my benefit if you want me to send it). It’s very easy to follow because the characters are all stickmen.


The text will automatically tile if it is tileable in toonboom.

Basically you have to design the texture that way.

I just make them in photoshop (one good thing about it is most of the filters are tileable so really good starting points) using offset and the clone tool.

I do everything myself because I don’t want to break anyone’s copyright.

Part of your problem with your walk cycle might be you are trying to move them accross the screen too fast for your cycle on that peg. So walking on the spot it looks good, but because you moved it too fast across the screen it glides.

this was really good as a concept, as for animation i thought it was great, but im in no position to comment, im a newbie to the technical side

keep up the good work

Hi Amin,

Nice animation. I felt the pain of the child. Nice work.

I have to agree about the walking cycle. I think the problem is more the bending of the legs than anything else. They keep it there legs bend like a little kid with a full diaper.

And I also agree with Zeb about the fade-in of the child.

But once again a very nice animation. I hope to get to the same level as you.