My Symbol Isn't Rendering/Exporting?

I created a walk cycle and turned it into a symbol so I can have a character walk across the screen. The original key frames that I created the symbol with have been deleted (idk if this is the source of the problem, or not, but I didn’t want to leave that out if that was important) but the symbol seems to work just fine. I created some key frames so that the symbol can move across the screen while the walk cycle was cycling to make the character walk across the screen. I know, I’m a genius, I should win an award for such a novel idea…

Generic idea aside, the problem that I’m having is this: When I play back and loop the scene in camera view, everything looks fine. However, when I export it, all I get is the color card (I haven’t added any background or foreground yet, I’m just trying to make sure this walk cycle actually looks legit).

So… My question is this: What in the living poop am I doing wrong?