My Suggestion for Toon Boom Studio

Hello to the toonboom family

Let me start by saying I love toonboom and I think it’s the best 2d animation software available, the toonboom team really understand what an animator and a movie maker really need

But here some ideas to improve toonboom that I like to share with you (I think that toonboom v5 will be perfect :slight_smile: )

Suggestions for the next versions of toonboom:

1.import group data from other software such as adobe illustrator (for those who build there cut out characters in other programs and don’t want to edit them once again in toon boom) option to preserve the pivot point of selected items in the drawing mode (in similar to the sceneplaning mode and like in flash software)

3.a support for a third party lip-sync tool such as magpie (I do my x sheets in magpie and realy want to import the data) improve the dv export to adobe premiere, for some reason the dv files jitter off/on switch for wirefrime display to make the display faster in large scenes (the k button for show strokes doesn’t do the trick) the view option- an option for safe zone layer

I work with toonboom constantly and probably will have more suggestions in the future

Best regards


By the way
Check out my graduation film from art school made with toonboom


Thanks for sharing your “graduation” film, it is very well done and really warm and funny. Excellent work -JK

Hi Ronen,

Very nice !!!