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Hi Everyone.

I’m posting this topic because I’m a little lost and need a push to get started. let me explain my story first. Throughout my life I’ve always drawn cartoons and stuff just for fun and a couple of months ago I stumbled on to an animation software site (Anime Studio) an decided to download the trial and see if I liked it. This was in early May of this year. Since then I’ve been improving my animating skills as a hobby and really enjoying it.

Now this is where my problem comes in. Firstly I am in no way bashing software from any company. Anime Studio is really great but for the style of animation that I want to get into I am finding it very limited. I find bones and rigging limiting in terms of expression. It limits you when compared with frame by frame animation and this is where I want to head (tradigital animation).

So I downloaded a trial of ToonBoom Studio 7 and followed some tutorials. I’m finding it very frustrating to get going or pass those first few steps of getting an a short animation done. I understand the concept of key frames and in-betweens. However timing is a whole new ball game when it comes to frame by frame animation. What really good beginner tutorials in tradigital animation can you guys recommend? Where should I go from here, I have the motivation by I am a little lost (Jeeez hope I am making sense). I have the idea of having to create a new character rig everytime I want to change a character etc, if you know what I mean.

Any information and insights will be most welcome. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.

Anyway here’s my current stuff if anyone wants to have a look

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!
I really like your animations.
I started with Studio back when it was version 2.5 and simply jumped in after doing the basic tutorial. Over time, I started picking up the other features of the program. If you try to learn it all at once, you will simply drown in all of the features and learning curve. The good thing about Toon Boom Studio is you don’t need to know everything to output good animation.
The best thing is to simply keep cranking out cartoons and try to incorporate a new feature with each animation. Experience is the key.
I find I can reuse my characters when I want to crank out something quickly. Lately, I am experimenting with different rigging styles.
I’m impressed with what you created with Anime Studio. I used an earlier version of that program long ago and gave up.

Steven Mussey

@ Steven. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll leaning in more and more into taking the plunge and buying Toon Boom 7.1 and putting some effort in, starting really small with some frame by frame stuff.


I just wanted to give you some encouragement. I remember getting toon boom studio 4 back in 2007 and after in installed it I was so intimidated that I didn’t touch it for about six weeks. Then I slowly began to learn it. The one thing I’d encourage you to do is learn as much of the basics as you can early on. My mistake was not learning how powerful this program actually is/can be… if used properly.

Earlier this year a person suggested I get Anime Studio 8 and when I got it, though it was much less expensive than TBS7, I regretted it from the first day. After about 3 weeks I decided to upgrade to TBS7. and chock up the wasted money on AP8 as a lesson learned.

Here is a link to a recent animation I did. I use Adobe Premiere to do my editing.

Thanks bud. I watched your video, great stuff! I’ll keep soldiering on!