my small project wont open

My finished Toon Boom Studio project is 453 megabytes and it takes over 10 minutes to open. And now whenever I try to open it Windows shuts it down. I need to open this thing and I don’t want to animate it again. HELP!!!

hi - did you try to put it on external storage like a usb stick or dvd and open it in TBS on a stronger computer? maybe your computer doesn’t have enough resource… multi-media files are system hogs!

thanks for your reply. but my computer has a 320 GB hard drive and 2 GB of memory. of course, it’s used by my entire family and 114 GB are already used up. and this project file isnt even half a gig. i don’t see why its being so slow. can you help me with this? is there any other way to open it without putting it on a different computer?