My Short Films

Hello, my name is Kenny Lentine and I am a senior at Northern Illinois University where I am studying Time Arts (animation/video/etc). I have been using Toon Boom for the last year and love it. Check out my projects here I have some of my drawings are under my picture section too. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

“A fish out of water” is a wonderful piece. It is a great example of integrating music and visuals to tell a story. Bravo. -JK

Thanks a lot. I didn’t add the sound until I was completely done animating. And when I finally did, it made the whole thing just come together beautifully. I am really happy how that aspect turned out. Thanks again.

The timing and emphisis of the music in the telling of the story is so well done that I am surprized that you did it that way, but however you found it to work, it was successful. -JK

Actually, it wasnt my intention to do it that way. I only had two months to finish the whole thing, and I wanted to make sure I got the whole story animated before I even worried about sound. I finished all the drawing about a week before it was due and added the soundtrack last minute. That’s why I was so happy about how it turned out in the end. :slight_smile:

Happy accidents are unusual in animaton, usually things are just really well planned. So I have to believe that subconsciously you had a sense of the music and sfx you wanted even before you selected the final tracks. The creative mind is a strange and wonderful place and some things are intuitive and instinctive. -JK

Cool animations :slight_smile: The animal facts one was funny, and i especially liked the fisherman at the end of “a fish out of water” as he poked the fish tank, the perspective on his finger looked good, as did the squashing as it pushed against the glass…good work!