my second StarCraft parody (extension)

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Sorry, no translation


I think it’s extremely good. You appear to have mastered your adopted style. I can’t think of any criticism of the animation, it seems to work with this type of story, so why fix it!

I’d like a brief synopsis of the story.


At the beginning of the story tells of a super squad of mercenaries “fighting pig” They are so cool, that alone destroys thousands of enemies, and even the engineers (the weakest unit) can kill the strongest Zerg
The main character, Jim Raynor offer to hire these men for 999 credits. He replies that he now has no money because he spent all on the World of WarCraft
He was offered a cheaper version of the weak and Marines on 2 dollars apiece
Together with them and their team, Jim goes in search of artifacts Protoss

Sorry for my English, it promt

By the way, here’s translation of the first two series of comic book prequel to this cartoon

Thanks for the summary.

I had a look at the comics; they were very good too.

I’m wondering why the comic strip is in English and the movie is in Russian. Have you had trouble finding English speakers for the movie soundtrack?


Yes. It’s one thing to translate into English printed text, the other - to find someone to record the voice that would speak in English without a heavy Russian accent in films about the Russian mafia :slight_smile:

it looks good. I think I would like it a whole lot more in English with a real Raynor type voice.

Hello again. I have just completed the English subtitles for your movie, so if someone wants to understand the story, you can watch it