My Sci-fi cartoon....

It’s called "Sexton Lovecraft vs the Zargs"

After being captured Sexton Lovecraft, Professor of Home Economics at Sexington University, is put on trial for his crimes against the alien Zarg Empire and faces the death penalty.
Against her better judgement, one of his students, the reluctant Riley sets out to clear his name.

as i’m a huge fan it is influenced by futurama. as well as indiana jones/dr who and things like that.

i thought i’d post it here, some of you guys might like it.

There’s a trailer here:

the film is split into 7 parts (with one still to go) or 3-5 minutes each. here they are in order :slight_smile:

part one:
part two:
part three:
part four:
part five:
part six:
part seven:

here’s two more pics.

there’s a treasure hunt with loads of different things hidden throughout the film and a facebook page here:

a lot of stuff! it was all created in TBS… a lot of hard work, i hope you enjoy it!

Finally It is FINISHED!!!

Now i’ve completed the movie, I’ve consolidated all the links into 3 episodes!



Hope you enjoy!

This is brilliant! You sure do have an imagination. How long did all this take to draw and animate?

thanks for the feedback.

the scripts goes back to 2008 or 2009 and while i’d drawn a few characters and backgrounds in preparation the animation process started properly in october 2009.

so the best part of two years really. things were pretty slow to start off with but sped up and improved a lot over that time as i got to grips with TBS.

Well that’s dedication! You’ve got some skills. I thought the voice acting was pretty good too. Only critique Ive got is the lack of emotive background music in relation to what is happening on screen. This would of made it flow alot more naturally. Also I spotted most of the futurama characters, was kind of like a game of where’s Wally :slight_smile:

Good job mate, your sound design is brilliant - I mean clear, not amaturish. However the music could have flowed better! Overall very good work!

but did you spot wally?

This is my new cartoon featuring Sexton Lovecraft! You guys have been very supportive in the past so I thought i’d share it here for your feedback.

In “Science and Etiquette” Professor Lovecraft returns to show us the most complicated way of tying a bow-tie ever!

Hope you enjoy it!