My rough video-why are the lines fuzzy?

Hi everyone. If a moderator could take a look at my link that would be great. I used the pecil tool alot and many of my sharp,geometric lines tend to look a little fuzzy. I don’t know if its the compression or a rendering setting but I’m not so thrilled with it. Its meant to be 2d and flat but I don’t understand why some shapes appear perfectly solid and some appear with fuzz (monk’s blue face,lazers from their eyes). This is a slightly trippy,spooky video by the way! thanks. mm

I’d be interested to know what program you are editing the vid on.

Its all in Toon Boom Studio.

It’s just the way you’re viewing it, Problems reading the compression or missing codecs, No idea, There are no problems with the video how you described it.

Ford must be trippin, or viewing the toon on a mushy lcd screen bcuz i know xactly what ur talkin about. I c how the lines r smooth sometimes, then get rough like a graphic staircase (laserbeam eyes). Just know that you’re not alone n this. I’ve got the same problem, can’t figure it out for the life of me. Unfortunately, I have no answers 4 u

NIce video btw, t’was very entertaining and the mood was just as you aimed for. 4stars-5.

Is there any difference in how you created the lines that you like the look of and how you created the lines you don’t? Did you create the good lines with the brush and the bad ones with the pencil?

You could try converting your pencil lines to brush strokes or vice versa and see if that solves the problem.

Also, what settings are you using to export your video? Are you exporting it to a movie file, to a swf, avi? If you’re exporting as a quicktime movie, what are your video settings?