My project is set to 774px by 175px, exports at 720 x 175!

I have a project where my camera view is set to 774 pixels by 175 pixels. When I export the project to flash, quicktime or sequential images, the project is exporting as 720 x 175 pixels. I need to correct this.

First, where do I find control over the default settings for Flash output?

Second, why would the project export as a setting other than that I have set my animation default for?

This is proving to be an embarasment that I need to resolve quickly.



first of all:the computer graphics has square pixels, the video pixels are rectangular. if you set, say, pal graphics to 768 x 576 pixels, you get the video output of 720 x 576, because pal rectangular pixels are broader. any video device will output the animation fine.then the question: where do you see the other rate and does it have an impact on your animation performance?cheers,rob

Hi Gester,Pixel aspect ratio was one of the first things that I checked and it appears to not be the issue. 774 x .9 does not equal 720! However, I have yet to find where in the program you can set that important detail.It would appear that the problem was simply that my camera view was 774 but the default animation setting was 720. Making both settings match appears to have resolved the problem, until I hear otherwise from the webmaster.This begs the question, where are the controls for default settings for Flash export located? I would like to be able to control compression of bitmaps and such for export. Using the “Custom” export setting outputs layered swf files which is not what I want.Suggestions?Thanks.Terry

Hi Terry,You should have access to a slider with the jpeg compression of the bitmap when you select custom setting of the Export movie.Once you go through the Export movie you should have a window with 2 option box. Select Flash Movie as Export format and Custom as Settings. If you press ok from there you should get a new window in which you can use the slider to change the bitmap compression.As for the change of the export size, I tried to reproduce it but didn’t seem to manage to do it. What version of Toon Boom Studio are you using?Best regards,Ugo

Hi,I am using a newly purchased version 3.0 of ToonBoom Studio.The mystery regarding the export size has been resolved. It was a simple as the fact that my setting of 774 x 175 as a default size didn’t transfer when I made a copy of the file that I had been working on. For whatever reason, the animation settings reverted to 720 x 175. Simply resetting the size corrected the problem.HOWEVER,I am curious why when I export to Flash using the default setting the file comes out as a flattened SWF file cropped to the correct size (which is what I want). When I choose to export to Flash using a custom setting, so that I can have access to compression settings, the SWF file comes out as a layered file and does not appear to be cropped to my camera size.What do I need to adjust in the custom setting so the the file exports as a flat SWF file cropped to my camera size?Thanks.Terry

Hi,Unfortunately I doubt this can be done. This behavior is pretty much the same in flash and the reason why it is not cropped when you import the project in Flash is because if you wanted to move stuff in your flash project it would be a pain to do that if it was cropped.If you want to test my saying open the swf file with flash player and drag one border of the player and you will see that the element continues over the borders of the swf file. This is a universal thing with the flash export and you would have the same behavior with Flash.Now to fix this problem I would simply set the document’s resolution before importing the tbp file. By default it should be positioned rightly if you export it as it is you should have the same thing displayed then the original export from Toon Boom Studio.Hope this helps you out.Best regards,Ugo