My Photoshop Backgrounds are not rendering correctly when exporting

Hi Everyone,

For some reason, the backgrounds I imported from photoshop are no longer rendering correctly when I export them to MOVs. It worked before. The only thing that’s changed is I switched my desktop subscription of Toon Boom Harmony Essentials between computers.

I attached a photo of what the background is suppose to look like, and how it renders. This is happening in all of my other scenes, too.

The only solution that has been proposed in forums and videos is to put in a color card in. I’ve done that but it doesn’t help at all. It also doesn’t explain the black pixelated boxes that are appearing in the render.

Any help would be a life saver.

Hiya, yeh ouch i see your problem, that’s not nice. It’s almost as if it’s acting like it can not make sense of the the image path and is trying to create some sort of low res interpretation. Im guessing you have tried this: create a completely new document, import the same image into new document and do a render with nothing else in your project. If that works ok then it means something screwy has gone wrong with your project file. In which case you could copy stuff over to a new document…

Cheers, Jason

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User