My Personal "Animation Blocks" How Do You All Gets Past Them?

Whenever I want to finally make something of my ideas-I find myself halted by these excuses:

*No Music.

*No Patience.

*No Backgrounds.

It’s like a terrible trio! I get as far as scripts, storyboards, and gags-and find a lot of my motivation absolutely destroyed by the preceding three. As much as I’d love Carl Stalling in my bedroom, or someone to do backgrounds for me, or a friend to be the inbetweener to all my keys-it just ain’t happening-how do fellow solo animators get past these demons to make their wonderful visions come true?

To date I’ve only ever finished two things-and both were for projects for school. I’m tired of staring at the same wall and never painting it…

P.S…some of the oldest ideas to date I’ve said, “I’ll finish it tomorrow to…” are going on four years…

As this is the start of a new year, 2009, I think that it is only fitting to respond to your post by just repeating some tried and true advice that I like to fall back on personally when ever the going gets tough.The secret to succeeding at anything is persistence. You have to be able to just keep working and trying over and over again until you reach your goal.The difference between someone who finishes anything and someone who just wants to do something but can not get it done, is the simple act of stopping too soon.You have to set reasonable goals, then break those goals down into a series of objectives that must be accomplished to reach your goals.Then break those necessary objectives down into the necessary prerequisite tasks that need to be completed in order to accomplish each of your objectives.Once you determine what your prerequisites and objectives are to reach your goal, then you can determine a plan of action.Each step along the way may have its obstacles that must be overcome, so you must just keep at it until you succeed, constantly adjusting but never giving up.That’s the secret process to success. Set a goal, determine your objectives, break your objectives down into prerequisite tasks, make a plan, be willing to make adjustments as you proceed but most importantly never quit trying no matter what obstacles you may have to overcome. Best wishes to all -JK