My pen can't detect Storyboard pro 7

Please help!

Yesterday i download the storyboard pro 7, I do not understand what the trick of that program is, if I want to draw in a specific place, the stroke goes to another place with everything and pressure of the pencil :frowning:

And if I deactivate the IU Wintab box that is in preferences, and restart the storyboard 7 program again, the program will stop detecting the pressure of my pencil.

Uninstall All tablet drivers and preference files form the system.
Shut down and restart (not just reboot)

Download and install the latest driver from the Cintiq from the
Wacom website and use the Cintiq monitor to calibrate the tablet.

I have a Artisuld16, when i use the program Harmony , it works! but no Storyboard pro 7 :frowning: .