My PC crashes during a movie export with Storyboard Pro 22

Hi, (and sorry for my bad english). I’m using this software since long ago and the last versions worked amazingly…, but I recently purchased the 22 version and I have a strange problem: When I try to export a 7 minutes long movie from Storyboard Pro 22, my PC usually (not always) crashes during the process and it automatically restarts. My PC is running Windows 11, Intel(R) Core™ i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz and 32,0 GB (31,9 GB usable) of RAM.

I thought I could solve this problem updating my graphic card, I tried it and it worked the first time, but when I tried to export another movie recently, the PC crashed the first time (and at the second time it worked succesfully). I’m confused about this issue, and I want to know if it’s a common failure or I’m doing something wrong.


Make sure Storyboard Pro 22 is updated to Version(Build) 22.0.1(19025). You can find this out in the main menu bar under Help then About.

If you are still on 22.0.0 update to 22.0.1 then try exporting a movie. If you are on 22.0.1 you might want to contact support with your issue.

Yeah, I checked it and the last update is 22.0.1. I tried it and the issue continued, so I sent a mail to contact support. Hope they can help me.
Thank you, anyway!

This software crashes more than it should. Usually randomly, so at least you have the advantage of being able to point to a specific cause of the crashes to possibly mitigate the problem.

Possibly. SBP crashes. Fact of life. And 22 is more prone to crashing than any version I’ve used. Yes, I have updated to 22.0.1, but this rant has been prompted by another random crash this morning.

The first thing anyone should be with any version of SBP is go to Preferences>Advanced and change the auto-save from the default “never” (are you serious?!?) and set it to how much work they’re willing to risk losing. At least when (not if) a crash happens the hole you’re in has a limited depth.