My parent pegs were knocked out of place for some reason.... I'm not sure how

I’m new to harmony(premium) and I’m setting up a 360 turnaround. I set up my pegs on the areas I was satisfied with on each element. Some how as I was creating the other character positions(side, 3/4, back, ETC) my pegs are not in the correct spot. I’ll show a picture, I need help with setting them up in the correct spot please. If you have a video I can watch please send it this way.

Hello Ashleybattles,

I think the issue you are experiencing with is related to your peg pivot position.

If you are building a 360 rig I highly suggest following this series tutorial:

For your specific question, I think this video could help,

Let me know if this helped!

Thank you I will check it out! I appreciate it.

I don’t know what I’m not understanding, I’ve watched all of the videos and it didn’t answer my question. I used the select tool to move the drawings (I think that’s where I made the mistake at) and now my pegs are sitting in funny places on my other turnarounds. I can’t find a video thats helping to understand how I fix it.