"my outer space" comp

So when will it be revealed?

Is there any chance we will be able to enter with paid versions of the software?

Could you make a rule that you have to post a WIP in the forum as a term as I think it will really help the forums?

I’m wondering what the heck is going on with this too. Only one week left in the month. Hopefully they’ll release the audio clips soon! I’m holding out on other projects in the mean time hoping they have the full rules and such posted soon.

oh good point. We probably should put the animation club thing on hold if this comp is something a lot of people in the group are interested in.

I assume your the same goomba!

Yeah absolutely. I’m putting off all things on the side for now until they release the details of this. I have so much going on (moving apartments/offices, planning for our baby, working my 2.5 jobs, etc.) that I don’t want to start any art projects until I know whether or not this is something I’m going to be devoting time to.

The competition sounds really good though I’m getting a bit worried about it to be completely honest. Hope they release the audio clips soon though so I can start planning what I’m going to do. I’d really, really love to win a copy of Animate =P

As I’ve said before, the whole thing with having to use Animate Pro PLE completely turned me off to this competition. I would hate to put in all that hard work, just to have a watermark on top of it in the end. That’s just me.

However, the prizes are sooo sweeet it is very tempting, but either way, I am not entering because I am concentrating on developing my other projects and having to much fun with it! ;D

Good luck to all who enter! I have a feeling this one is going to be even more Brutal! ;D