my new website!!!

Hi, please check out my new website at It’s got animations, games, illustrations and sketches on there.
The animals on my site and most of my animations and games were done using toonboom studio. Please let me know what you think.

Hey there Kenny,
I dig the site, and your sense of humor. Snow Day, in particular, is right up my very warped alley. :slight_smile:
May I recommend that when you click on Illustration, Painting or Miscellaneous it take you directly to the first picture, instead of making the user click on the next arrow.
Also, as your site grows, I think you’ll find that people would like to link directly specific pages. An all-Flash based site makes this a bit difficult however, and perhaps a bit top heavy for size. You can still show off the great animal animation, perhaps in the header of a site.
It does all look great, you’re quite talented. I look forward to seeing more.
Welcome to the forums!

hi kenny and welcome.
you’re a remarkable drawing talent, especially at abstract and surreal themes, but the loading times of your page are horrible. the site loads here at this time at a 1%/s pace with no possibility to skip intro.

the spectators movements at the movie show are distracting and slow the display. the navigation flaws have been addressed by will already.

but the opening animal animation is great. was it rotoscoping?

very nice web site , i like the video page very much :smiley:

thank you all very much. This is the first webpage Ive ever made, so I really need to figure out some better ways to keep the downloading time down. As far as the animals go at the beginning, they were not rotoscoped, but I did use muybridge’s “animals in motion” as reference. I used this animals in a short film called “walk with the animals” which i just added to my site. it features the animated animals walking on a video background. thank you all again.

Nice work, Kenny! Thank you for sharing.

I was curious about the animals in the opening sequence . . . were they drawn in TBS or drawn by hand and scanned into TBS? I ask because I love the line quality.


I like to draw everything on paper then scan it in. It feels more natural to me and I dont have a wacom tablet. :smiley:

Great site Kenny! You really do have talent.

suggestions for the site:

Center the flash content! I’m using a wide screen like many other users and it feels more natural and comfortable to look at the content in the middle of the screen.

Also, if there would be a way to make your flash 100% of the screen, then the background would turn black when watching the videos, that would really make the audience in to the mood.

keep on the good work!