My NEW Forum!

Hello guys .
I hope Toon Boom will not mind about this ;D , I have created a forum few days ago , where members can Post Toon Boom Tutorials , and learn Animation techniques ,Also share our work .
First tutorial understanding drawing layer

2ed : Creating water ripples

I hope you guys you enjoyed and share your experiences with us .

Until now i only have 4 members .

Thanks Guys THANKS TOON BOOM ! :slight_smile: ;D

Your board is doing better than my Board. :stuck_out_tongue: Nonetheless I will join yours.

THanks heaps! Excellent stuff. I’ve joined up!

Thanks Guys . ;D

Here is a tutorial how to key(Chroma-key) in Animate pro

I have tried to sign up to your site but can never get past username, email and password. it takes me to a confirm pw and then right back to the first page. i tried several names and pw but no luck =(