My new character ...


Creating a new character. All done with Toon Boon Animate. :slight_smile:
A short video of turnaround is available here (9Mo):

Toon Boom Animate is a very good soft, once you begin to know. :wink:

Sorry for my bad English… (as usual).

Best Regards,

Thierry "Digicod"

nice work! that turnaround is very well done

pretty nice, how many angles did you use?

Thank you for your comments!

For the rotation, I use 4 drawings.
- 1 Front
- 1 three-quarter
- 1 Profile
- 1 back

Then, on the timeline I make a mirror of each drawing except the face.
The 4 drawing are associated with a peg.

Thierry “Digicod”

Ok, some screenshots if it can help …
These are basic drawings, I repeat the same drawings for
the other side that I reverse with the “flip” option, et voila …

Thierry “Digicod”


Sympa ton perso digicod
Il est en Cut-out ?

Edit : Sorry friends,

Very nice , Digicod …
It’s a Cut-out character ?


FR: Merci! non il n’est pas encore passé au découpage mais c’est pour bientôt.

EN: Thank you! no it is not yet past the cutting but it’s coming.

Thierry “Digicod”

Looks awesome and ready to go! Great job

Thanks AlexF ! :slight_smile:

Thierry “Digicod”

Good work my friend !! ;D
trés beau travail mon ami !!

Thanks a lot Eric! :slight_smile:
Do you speak French well, are you French?


Thierry “Digicod”