My New Animation!

Well I finished this animation last year. And now I’m working on the pre-production of my next animation short. I’m currently looking into whether I should use Animate Pro 2 for my next project. Currently I own the education version of Digital Pro. Just wandering if there is any major reason to upgrade.

I will animate all the animation assets on a different software. I would bring the assets to Toon Boom for some limited rigging then (is sort of a new experimental worflow) compositing. My previous film was composited in After Effects so I wander how will the latest version of Animate Pro would have any major benefits.

link to my animation:

ok, i have to ask did you do all of this on your own?

I created the project, writing, design, storyboards and Key Animation. I had a small team helping with the inbetweens, background color, music, editing, and compositing!

Made nicely, first i thought i will not be able to understand the language but the subtitle helped me to understand it. I liked the characters animation very much.

That is totally great animation. Loved it.

Oh thanks man appreciate the kind comment. I’m currently looking at videos of Animate Pro and Harmony Standalone.Too bad Animate Pro don’t have off peg registration like harmony.
That’s a great ability for traditional animation