My New animation!!

Well I finished this animation last year. And now I’m working on the pre-production of my next animation short. I’m currently looking into whether I should use Animate Pro 2 for my next project. Currently I own the education version of Digital Pro. Just wandering if there is any major reason to upgrade.

I will animate all the animation assets on a different software. I would bring the assets to Toon Boom for some limited rigging then (is sort of a new experimental worflow) compositing. My previous film was composited in After Effects so I wander how will the latest version of Animate Pro would have any major benefits.

link to my animation:

That’s a great short!

Great work! If I can ask, what other software did you use besides TB & AE?

I used a software that currently is in development. Its called Cacani and it basically focuses on creating hand drawing in-betweens rather than Flash tweening.