my new animation in a contest help for me

hope you like it …only 2:50 mins long

it’s a chirstmas theme…vote for me !!!


don’t forget to rate the video they count…it’s the little 5 stars under the video

thanks again


well I watched it.

You really need to play with the camera shots, switch it up and making it more interesting early on. Sticking on one character for so long especially in a short isn’t a good idea.

In a short the action needs to be high paced (since you only have 3 minutes to tell your whole story).

You should watch some south park cause they are masters of slicing together shots to create pace.

i get what your saying about the camera play …watch my video i did in iclone

the original idea was a slow reveal of santa, there was no action to speak of in this shot. I wanted to describe the kids family to lead in to an idea for a series, i call DENTED, plus i didn’t have time to create more edits once i seen how time i had left before the deadline.

thanks for watching and talking about what you like to see more of…


Moving the camera in the other one makes the conversation much more watchable. That one starts a bit slow but the end conversation is pretty amusing. The guy voice sounds like a young Hank off king of the hill.

I did realise you were going for the slow reveal of Santa, but it was too slow (in my opinion).

Perhaps next time instead you could do multiple shots of the face (ie front on/3/4 view etc) and add some more facial expressions or anything to break it up a bit.