My Movie "1985-1986"


This is Evan Jacobs. I have been on this board asking questions and making friends since I purchased Toon Boom Studios back in 2003. I bought the software to make a feature length screenplay I wrote in 1997 a reality.

The movie is called “1985-1986”, and it’s about a young boy named Erol who goes to a new middle school, falls in with the wrong crowd and ultimately learns that the best person he can be is himself.

While you’re not getting “Pixar” with me making this movie in my bedroom, you are getting something akin to “South Park” or “Terrence and Phillip.” Either way, I made a movie I wouldn’t have otherwise been ABLE TO make, and amazingly even after making this movie, working 8-10 hours a day, alone in my room for over a year, I am even more excited about animation and the movies I can make. This was a world and a SUBJECT I knew almost nothing about before I made this film.

So, I would just like to thank all the people who have answered my question and taken an interest in my movie. I am sending it out to some interested parties, and I have many plans and ideas for how I can “get it out to the people.” Your advice, encouragement and your interest have really helped me make this movie a reality.

Thank you again,

Evan Jacobs