My "maybe" toonboom contest feedback thread

I say maybe because I am not sure if i am going to enter.

I am planning to redo the spinal tap stonehenge scene.

Any I did a draft (first take not mixed very well) of my stonehenge song in less than 30 seconds.

Here is the link if anyone wants to listen and give feedback.

When you say Spinal tap Stonehenge scene, do you mean there is a movie? cause all I see on you tube is music video, where can I see the movie if it is a movie?

That is the actual scene from the movie. I just plan to to do the music part and my own video of the chaos in the set (and include a few extra little tid bits from the movie like an Amplifer that goes to 11).

I won’t do the talking after the scene (which is super funny).

The movie is baiscally a fake documentary about a fake band called Spinal Tap. So it has them playing songs on tour and all the backstage talking and issues.

They have performed as a band outside the movie but only like once every 3 or 4 years and literally once. In 2009 they did the one night world tour (ie they played 1 date and that was it).

Sounds interesting, but now I want to see the whole movie. Maybe netflix has it.

You should. It is a bit old now. But it is so classic.

You won’t regret it.

quick demo of the outro song. Only a few seconds will be part of the animation (maybe 5 seconds) and the last 8 or so will be a fading out.

It is the spinal tap song tonight im gonna rock you.

Now I have music planned I might actually think about doing some animation. 30 seconds doesn’t sound that bad.

I know the choice of organ might be a little strange but I really like it.

Ok, I got it down to 16 seconds! Just 2 more BG’s and I am done. I will probably take the extra time to tighten up the art work. I don’t want to submit to early and have the Judges get tired of having seen it once Judging time comes.

Although, I don’t think It will matter much cause I don’t think I have a shot in hell of winning, but I want to atleast give it a fair shot.

I am too busy with my stereoscopic camera scripts. I am actually really excited about them because hopefully it automate a large % of the work involved.

good luck i hope you do well!

Thanks, I will probably send you a private link so you can check it out before I release it on Vimeo.

yeah I been reading your other thread, I have no clue as to what you and Nolan Scott are talking about but in the future when/if I ever get Pro I know that Interaction will make more sense to me.

Nolan is doing it in standard.

You can 100% do stereoscopic in standard animate.

Once I have the scripting down pat I will make tutorials on both how to do it in Animate and Animate Pro as well as scripts to help make it easier.

The setup is definitly better in pro
but it can be done in standard.

I just need to make sure im 100% right first, since I totally disagree with the toonboom tutorialin parts, so that makes me worry. But i have been researching andi am convinced I have a better way than the tutorial too.

That is outstanding if you can do it Standard! I hope you figure it out that would be monumental.

Was it hard to get used to the working with the Network View when you upgraded to Pro?

I can get it work in both with the camera rotations (for a moving focus point).

It is just the scripting to help automate he process, cause well I am lazy and want to just click a button to do it for me. I would show the whole process without scripts first.

For me network view was easy to get used too. You just need to use it. Once you understand it,it is pretty much the biggest selling of pro.

It is a little annoying you can’t add effects the same way as standard animate. I would like them to change that in the future cause sometimes it would be faster just to add them the standard way.

I actually have an animation WIP to show for it instead of a music.

Every rock concert needs some sort of pyro. So here is my attempt. I know the smoke could do with some better drawing but I just wanted something there.

Remember this won’t be a feature (like placed in the centre of the camera) but a number of them in various places in the stage going off at the start in sync with the drum hits.