my lines aren't smooth or sharp like you can do on paint tool sai. help!

I’m having serious trouble… its hard to animate on this harmony essentials. i see tutorials but all their lines are sharp and smooth. don’t tell me about the “smooth bar” cos my lines still look gross and stuff. i really need live help from either picarto, skype or any screen sharing program. please i really need this help… if anyone is interested in helping, reply to this or email me at

please i am in dire need of help… i really want to animate… but moving from sai to harmony so quickly has really gotten me so frustrated with the changes… i’m on the trial and it expires on the 18th of February… please please help me…

and i might need help with stop motion animation since i think the rig(?) animation like my little pony isn’t really my style… so i’d like help on that as well thank you… i can’t find any tutorials on stop motion animation… no i’m not talking about the clay animation… i’m talking about drawing each frame…

please reply soon…


the attached images are what sai does and what harmony does. please observe them for further information…

Have you ever actually rendered the drawing?

The image is showing what your graphics card produces as you work. That is not how the lines will look once rendered. You can enable Full Scene Anti-aliasing in Preferences which should produce smooth lines in drawing mode. It may slow down performance if your system is on the lower end of recommended system requirements. People have the option of turning this off to improve performance.

"The Full Scene Antialiasing is generated by your computer’s graphic card. It provides a smooth line display in OpenGL. This antialiasing will not only antialias your drawings but all the different views in the interface.

This option lets you see smooth lines as you draw as well as an antialiased drawing area. You can change the value of the Full Scene Antialiasing using the Preferences dialog box to fit the current level used in the Camera or Drawing view.

Enable (Requires Relaunch) : By default, this option is off. Select to turn on the Full Scene Antialiasing option. You’ll need to restart Toon Boom Harmony.

Number of samples (For Mac OS): Enter the number of samples you want to be used for the antialiasing process. The number of samples is basically equivalent to the amount of time a pixel will be enlarged to calculate the antialiasing. This technique is called supersampling. The higher the number of samples, the better the antialiasing quality will be, but the longer it will take to calculate. The recommended value is 4."

Did it. Didn’t work.

Anyway i don’t think you know what i meant… I meant see how sai makes pointed lines and how it flows nicely with the pen strokes? Flash has pen sensitivity but flash is too bloody expensive and crashes every 4 frames i draw and doesnt flow nicely with your pen either. The stabiliser! Thats what i want. I didn’t mean how to get rid of the pixel appearance, i meant how to

  1. Stop the lag when i start a stroke, it has a millisecond delay when i start drawing, making a horrid line at the beginning of my strokes. Example:
    And 2. I just want it to feel like im drawing on sai, the lines FEELING smooth more than looking smooth.

Also what hotkey makes a new frame so i can start animating. Ive asked all around and they said “click on the next frame in the timeline” or they’d send me a video… I just want a straight answer how do i create a new frame… I know how to frame by frame animate. Ive done it many a time years ago, i just wanna know how to make a new frame. Flash has a hotkey to make a new frame…

Generally, lag is system performance related.

It could be purely subjective but I have found that Photoshop and Illustrator respond and feel more natural to draw in than either Toon Boom Animate, Studio or Harmony where the pen is slightly wild and I get a little curl on the end or beginning. The response in PS and Illust. is elegant, controlled and predictable.

If you are using Essentials only the Brush Tool produces the thin to thick lines. Minimum and Maximum in Tool Properties when the Brush Tool is selected determine how thick and thin in response to pressure. Going back to response, I don’t know of a setting that specifically addresses what I would describe as “drag.” I would like something like this that would simulate the difference between drawing on glass and a surface with some texture like paper.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Insert Keyframe is F6

Insert blank frame is Shift + J

Make sure you have Timeline activated. I set the option in Preferences to activate a window/view upon mouse-over.

Think i’ll have to live with the quality then. Thank you for the help. And i’ll try out those short cuts later on as i need to go out soon. Again thank you and i’ll update you on if things work or not

the keys don’t work…

mind telling me where the next frame is in these pull down folders on the shortcut preferences?

“Click on the next frame” is actually a very straight answer. You have a layer selected on frame 1 of your timeline. You have the pencil of brush tool selected, you draw, and a drawing is automatically created on the timeline. You move to frame 2, dragging the playhead, you draw, and a second drawing is created, and so on. You can also move from one frame to the other by clicking on , and .

Another option is using the shortcuts Alt+Shift+R or Alt+Shift+D for, respectively, create an empty drawing or duplicate the existing drawing. You can have the same results by right-clicking on the layer on the timeline then chose Drawings > Create Empty Drawing or Drawings > Duplicate Drawing. You chose duplicate when you want to change an existing drawing and empty drawing when you want to start with a blank ‘sheet’.

As for smooth lines, have you tried to go to Tool Properties and increase the Smoothing value or the brush you are using? Try 30, 40,…, and see if that works for you.

Luis Canau

He said the smoothing slider doesn’t produce the results he is looking for. I am not sure that it is possible to understand without being familiar with SAI’s “stabilizer” which I am not.

The smoothing slider in Toon Boom software effects the arc/curvature of lines and more or less reduces zig zag while increasing rounded strokes. Is that what you are looking to do NatzNyuratik?