My Harmony 15.0 crashes when Exporting to Movie!

Does anyone have experience with this?

When I export a file to Movie, Toonboom crashes 70Percent of the time. Always near the end of the exporting bar.

I do get a movie-file from the process. But it doesnt play properly and is incomplete. Not usable for further Editing.
30Percent it works just fine(only on files, that havent previously crashed).

I use multiple drawing layers and audio layers in my animation of course. Some can last up to 9000 frames or more, but way shorter ones can crash as well.
I experimented and did some troubleshooting, by changing different factors in my animation(Length, number and types of layers used) .
But I couldnt find any crucial factor, that seems to be responsible for it.

Right now, I do a workaround by exporting to the .swf format, which wierdly works perfectly fine!
But its ennoyingly complex, because there are more steps involved afterwards.

Is this problem known?
What should I try next?

OS: Windows 10
on a Lenovo Yoga 720- Laptop
Harmony Advanced 15.0

(I just messaged the support, but maybe one of you can help as well.)

I’d recommend you not to render video, but pngs or other image formats instead. It’s common practice in animation rendering, both 2D and 3D.


  • it’s more stable
  • if the process is interrupted, you simply continue where the rendering process failed or stopped instead of lose everything and start all over again
  • you don’t have to wait for the process to end to check how’s the rendering doing (just check some of the already rendered images), I don’t remember how many times I’ve had to stop the rendering process because I forgot to do something first
  • you might going to use another software for editing anyway, so having images instead of video it’s no big deal for most of editing software

Hey scardario,
much thanks for your advice.

The way you suggested may not be the simplest for me, but seems so far to be more crash-proof than the previous.

I second what scardario said. Normally I would use low res quicktime for preview but image sequence to render the approved shot. If you need to correct a single frame you can just reexport that frame and it will update on the editing software timeline.

As for the crash, you mention scenes with 9000 F, that’s more than 6 minutes, which is quite heavy. If you’re working with really long shots there’s not much I can say as long as the scene is manageable in Harmony, but if you’re doing several shots/camera angles inside a Harmony scene I wouldn’t recommend it.

Also, what’s the resolution you’re using? When I work with 4K, for instance, I would export a Quicktime with 1/3 resolution (720p). But again, I only do it for previews, I would render the full resolution on a PNG sequence. the codec might also be an issue. H264 should work fine.

Another advantage of working with image sequences is that you don’t need to worry about codecs that might compress too much your animation.

Luis Canau