My foray into "live" tutorials.

I’ve made lots of tutorials in Camtasia and Captivate, so I was surprised by how distracting the camera was. I pretty much carved my way through the paper :stuck_out_tongue: The next one will be better.

you scanned him in and vectorized the lines?

Hi Marty

This is very good. Good clear picture and good, clear sound. The explanation and drawing are fine.

You make a good point about the pupils. Isn’t it amazing that movements in those two little circles, which could be something like one percent of the drawing’s mass, can make such dramatic and interesting changes in the character.


Actually I went over the best lines with the brush tool and cleaned it up. I’m loving the cutting tool feature that lets you trim lines with a flick of the wrist…

@ bob,
Thank you for the kind comments. I’m looking at ways to rig a better camera set up for the next one. (And maybe a tougher pencil!) ;D