My first work in Animate Pro

I just moved to Animate pro this may and I have finished my first animation 100% done in, I’m still learning how to use it but I know enough to do this, check it out (english subtitles available):

I didn’t under stand one word of it but I really liked your work great job.

where’s the link? I don’t see it…maybe is on my end.

The link is there, maybe you need to wait your computer loads it or something, it appears a giant youtube preview, I put it here again anyway.

Something about the forums doesn’t show embedded videos in Firefox. Try Chrome.

the link is fine at least on my end & I’m viewing it on Firefox 3.0.17 a very old version imagine that

Muy divertirse! Me gusta mucho!

The whole time I was looking at that leg in the garbage outside… it was great, like a premonition of what was to come. Good job!

Te quedó muy bien la animación!!