my first walk cycle... be gentle

this is the first walk cycle I’ve done with a cut out char. The drawings are extremely rough still & I need to tweak a bunch of patches on the joints, but thats an easy fix. I’m looking for critiques/tips on the motion in general. Keep in mind the character is supposed to be a bit on the rediculous side, so I’m not shooting for a perfectly smooth, natural walk. He’s also supposed to give a wave with his left hand as he walks in, but the arm motion is still too herky-jerky for me. That said, fire away :slight_smile:


Looks pretty godd. You might want to make sure the feets are not moving around when they are on ground and also make them land flat on the ground. Else than that is should be fine. You might want to make different shape of foot so you can cell swap on your extreme contact poses. This will allow give the animation a much more natural look.

In any case keep up the good work.


thx for the tip Ugo, I know I still have a good bit of cleanup on the drawings, got some done & will tackle the feet next. This is basically the same piece, but with the real background I’m using.
As far as the BG goes, I think Im pretty happy with it, very simple but it works. Need to move the lights forward a little as they seem to be missing the right arm, & maybe lighten the alpha on them(opinions?) , but thats all. Next addition will be the chef character standing behind a counter located where the camera zooms in before going to the host, then host enters & greets the chef & the infomercial begins.

On a side note, Im quickly falling in love with this program. I have zero background in animation & VERY little in art whatsoever, but I am enjoying the hell out of the learning process thanks to the staff here & all the friendlies that help newbs like me every day. Its a steep learning curve but Im getting things faster & faster and getting all schoolgirl excited with every new thing I learn, so forgive me if I post every little update that seems like nothing ::slight_smile: each little step still feels like a big achievment to me right now :slight_smile:


I hope that you never lose the thrill of seeing your work come to life. That is one of the best parts of doing animation. -JK

“Schoolgirl excited” has now entered my vernacular.

Hah, I’ll be expecting some royalties if I start hearing that phrase in your toons :stuck_out_tongue: