My first Toon Boom work

Hi everyone,
It took a year to make, here it is “The Day Job” please click on the link I could not of done
this without Toon Boom. Thanks guys!

amazing work man , i like it ,espacially guitarist close angle shots !
will you share with us how did you combine real time movie with cartoon characters , waiting for ur responce thanks!

Thanks awais,
This project was created using Toon Boom Studio V3.0, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Photoshop Elements 2.0. Some of the rotoscope was done by exporting the live action as image sequences in Final Cut Pro, then importing them into the timeline in Toon Boom as images, and creating cut-out animation over the live action frames. the average sequence was 94 frames. I later found a way to create the animation: eg.“Guitar player”, and export them from Toon Boom as a Quicktime Movie using these settings: compression:animation, depth: miiions of colors+, quality: best, frame rate: 30, key frame rate: 60, and dimensions: 620x480. The setting "millions of colors + is the key here. The “+” allows you to export just the animation with no background. then I import the movie into Final Cut Pro, and add the animation over the background. It took alot of trial & error and great amount of time, and I’am still learning. This forum has been very helpful to me, and I hope this info can help you out.
Merry Christmas & Happy Animating!
Jerry D. Sanders ::slight_smile:

:smiley: It’s really impressive, Jerry! I thoroughly enjoyed it and realized how much work you obviously put into it!