My First Toon Boom Studio Animation! :-D

I recently completed my first ever Toon Boom animation! I mostly winged it, but it was a fantastic learning process. My next project is already looking better! Feedback would be greatly appretiated! ;D

Good work. The music added a lot. I didn’t want to ask this on the You Tube site but, how do you add music without getting in trouble? Do you buy it off those guys? Or, does attributing it to them suffice? Or are you just winging it and hoping no one notices?
Personally, I love classical music, and have been weighing with myself how to include it in my cartoons.
Once again, good work.

I mostly wing it, Youtube usually used to just remove it, but they made deals with companies so that if they find music that is copywritten they just put an ad on the bottom for it on iTunes and that suffices and it allows you to keep it on youtube. It all depends on which companies allow it and which dont. For now its winging it, but I am working on trying to find a list of music from films that is allowed on the site. Classical music typically is always safe on youtube, they dont care about it as much which I find sad. I like classical music as well. lol. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Next one will be much better. It includes my first toon boom rotoscope! lol

Thanks for the advice. I am thinking that the first 22 seconds of the 4th movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony would make great opening music. It kind of sounds like the Jaws theme song.

ahh I just looked that up. Excellent choice. youtube would probably do nothing about it music wise. It does sound just like Jaws. lol