My First Toon Boom Animation - "Tuvicance Vignette #1"

This is my first full attempt at animating using Toon Boom, or any 2D package. Since this is a community of fellow Toon Boom users and animators I’d appreciate any critiques or advice you can give.

The following link will take you straight to the YouTube page it’s hosted on:

Thanks for your help! ;D

@omegahedi dunno what to say. y’know i come from europe, where we have a strong experimental animation scene, where the animation is not focused on speaking, but on body or shape movements.your entry: this is a very good lip-syncing study, and maybe a perfect american market product, but i don’t see any animation here.don’t get me wrong, but what is the added value of an animation film, which could have easily been done as a feature film, too?cheers,rob

Cheers. 9,000 views on YouTube is pretty good. My one constructive criticism is this: I couldn’t read your credits. Keep it up.