My first Toon Boom Animation => "Smashed Egg"

Hi, all
ive been making draws for many time, also comics. Now for the first time i expend some time learning by my self how to make animations… This is my first work using Toon Boom…

What do you think ?

Hi!If this is your absolut first anim then i have to say that you have some eye for making animation;) Totally… the anim is good, but (1) the anvil needs to fall faster to the ground. And (2) at the point when the anvil hits the ground… its need a small effect that the ground “shakes” when the anvil hits the ground. You need to show there is gravity! And some effect of some shells from the egg flying away when the anvil hits the ground!I think that could do the trick ;)If you are serious about making 2D animation i can give you one small tip of buying or borrow from a library… this book “The animations survival kit” by Richard Williams. There is a lot of books to choose with, but this book has help me a lot. The book is easy to understand and it has all the basic movement with 100 of pictures to the tips&trix through the book! If you dont already have it!)Keep up with the good work!/Marq