My First Test Animation using Animate!

Hey all:

I finally go my first character rig done and did :05 sec animation. I did the voice using a Samson C01 condenser mic in GarageBand.

Anyhow, as soon as I can rig up a few more characters, I plan to animate some gags from my cartoon strip I did a few years back called WORKED.

Dave :smiley:

Is this your FIRST animation?! It’s great!! (Nice audio, too!)

That’s a great first shot. Looks like your on your way.
Be Well.

Ha ha! Great character and animation. I love it! Can’t wait to see the rest of your comic characters.

That was great! I love the consistency of the character’s outline. When I ink a character it never looks that well.

Thanks, everyone.

To be fair, I’ve messed around in FLASH a bit (but not a lot) and work around animators all day as well, so I have SOME experience in animation. Mostly, I do character design, and do a lot FLASH fixes (technical stuff). But, this is my first serious attempt at animation and certainly in TBA.


The inking was done in Adobe Illustrator which I have YEARS of experience in. In illustrator you can create all kinds of brushes and use them with the PEN tool. For instance, the lines on this character have a taper on the ends, but the middle is consistent. So, when I draw in Ai I just use the pen tool and don’t have to worry about hand shaking or pressure sensitivity and yet the lines still have a “thick and thin” feel.


Very nice work!

Nice anger. >:(

very good. just like everyone else said. I find it intersting you use illustrator to design your character, I have alway wanted to use that program but animation seems to be first.

That’s great!