My first TBS animation

I’ve completed my first TBS animation, you can find it here:
Side Effects May Include…

It’s an animated blog entry, and while TBS got the job done, I did have some issues. The software crashed twice, which is disheartening considering I left my previous software just to avoid that. I run a new iMac with 2 gigs of ram, so I thought that would never happen.

I have other blehs about TBS, but I’ll mention those in the Recommendations category.

Welcome to the party, Will. Changing software is always a bear, so congratulations on making the transition. V3.5 is still a ways for being ready for prime time particularly on the new Intel Macs. But all in all, I hope you will find that with time and as soon as the to be released fixes are published that TBS is a great tool. As always I’m close at hand when you need help. And of course the forums are here just full of nice helpful people. -JK

Hey, Calico Monkey, your little animation is wonderful. Very simple & very charming. Love the toppling chair and the way the character walks as he leaves the frame.

Nice job. I wonder how long it took, only because I’m comparing it with my soon to be released first animation, which took me some time.


hi will,
as a lipsync- and only-few-movements-antagonist i like your older stuff better. it seems to me a lot fresher.

but the sparse animation in your last production has been generally greatly improved, i must say :slight_smile:

Hi CalicoMonkey,

Good job out there, about the crashes if you get constant ones make sure to report them. Also, do you remember what you were doing when you experienced those difficulties. If we can be of any help to you just let us know.

As for the feature requests make sure let us know about them, we are always open to add new stuff in the software.

Best regards,


I appreciate all the comments, thank you!

I had a great conversation with JK, and am feeling much better about my concerns. The peg system had me bummed, but of course I was making it 5 times as complicated as it should be. I’m re-energized about the next project, and TBS as a whole.

Ugo, I do not recall what was happening when the application crashed, and didn’t think to take note of it. I will in the future.

Gester, I purposefully did a voiceover-style animation for my first TBS attempts so that I wouldn’t have to worry about lip syncing too much. I will not shy away with future attempts though.

Hasslehead, this animation took me about 16 hours to do. Much of that was learning TBS, of course, and I expect that I could now do it in 8-10 hours.

Hi CalicoMonkey,
Nice fluid movement, cool character design.

wow welcome to this community i think i have visited ur site several times , u hv done some nice animations , keep it up !

The little guy likes his beverage. Nice job.