My first short

Me and a buddy have a great idea for a cartoon. This was our first work session together. In 3 hours and about 4 beers apiece we came up with this. I was a complete bibling idiot 3 months ago. I couldnt do anything in TBS. If anyone has any questions i can help the newbies alot.

Well done. How did you get the lip synching with both characters speaking simultaneously? Did you have separate sound elements for each one to sync with the mouths? I haven’t done any lip synching yet, so I’m impressed. Could you also tell me how you got the movie on You Tube? Quicktime or Flash? I have made my own first animation after staring helplessly at Toon Boom Studio’s interface for 2 months. Now I need to know how to get it online. Any tips or links for how to do this would be appreciated.

Yeah my partner read the script twice. Once for each part. I then laid them down on two different sound elements. I used Wave pad its a free program and easy to use. I did have to use my camera to replay one track in his hear so he could know when to reply.
Save them as wav format and you can drop it right in TBS.
Export the movie in AVI format and you can post on youtube.
hope this help.
And anyone with a question please ask. I am new myself and a question from you may unlock some idea in me.