My first short - and it was done in Animate Pro!

Hey guys, so last year I used downtime at work to learn Animate Pro and I only learn by doing so I gave myself a project. Here’s the result:

It was entirely designed and animated in Animate Pro (including effects and the credits) and final composite in After Effects (editing, sound and camera shake) Hope you like it!

Great job!!

I like your style.

A very beautiful piece of work. I love the color scheme and the style. The creature animations are fantastic. The sound track’s great. I can’t think of anyway to give a more balanced critique.


I also loved the design and the use of textures. And that was your first ToonBoom project? Amazing! :o

The animation of the dinosaur was just totally awesome. Very impressive.

That was a very cool look. The paper cut-out textures you used for the background really contrasted with the well drawn but more realistic dinosaur… made it really stand out. Well done. Very clear, short and right to the point.

Wow, thanks so much guys! I’m really glad you like it - I feel like the people on this forum were such a big resource to me throughout the process that I should have given you a shout out in the “special thanks”, so it means a lot to get a positive response from you. I should address bishwooby’s comment about it being my first Animate project - it’s true but I started in January of 2010 and made a looooooot of missteps along the way. I had the luxury of taking my time so I could go down the wrong path for a few days, smack myself in the forehead, retrace my steps and start over. There were more than a few times that I had gone too far down the wrong path and had to force the program to do what I wanted even though it was absolutely the wrong way (Ex: there’s a point where I wanted the camera to follow the dinosaur past some trees and I was using the camera all kinds of wrong and couldn’t get it to work - so I ended up scaling and moving the trees to approximate the look - zoiks!) Also, if I had only known to steer clear of symbols at the beginning, things would have gone way smoother! I think the tutorials make it way easier now to get into the software without spending a lot of time making mistakes - I spend a lot of the time watching them going, “Ooooh, that’s how i was supposed to do that.” Anyway, I really appreciate all the kind words and the help you’ve given me along the way (I check here every few days because I figure if someone else is having a problem, I likely will have the same one eventually!) BTW, if you liked the music check out my buddy Clay’s website (, he’s a big believer in giving his music away for free and is happy to talk about letting people use his music in their shorts.

Awesome work!

You should submit your work to the Toon Boom Showcase! Just email!