My First Cartoon

I finaly got some work on the web this is the last half of my first toon it’s about 3 min long. i am not sure how to make a link I hope this works please let me know thank you!

Thanks for your response I got toon boom in mid august of last year and spent 2 1/2 months learning, making some walk cycles and trying to adapt my characters to work with vector drawing. Then I started making that animation Oct. 31 2004 and finished Feb. 13 2005 I didn’t include the first part because it was kind of slow but the purpose was for me to develop the personalities of the characters and how they will interact. My design keeps evolving I was kind of disappointed with the down load of the superheros that toon boom just made available I think it is great that they have them but they are put together in a way that is hard to animate with out a lot of work. My characters are made up of individual pieces my dragon for example is made up of 15 grouped pieces and so I can copy and paste him and move him just like an action figure it only takes about a hour or 2 to make a figure that you can move in that way. my dog and baby lion share many of the same parts and I have heads for rotation and expression the eyes are grouped as well as the eyelids so I can move them any tim I want.

Toon Boom calculates the lip sync for you, it even has a face in the sound editor so you can see what it looks like it then places a letter to represent the mouth position in the sound element in each corresponding cell. there is a way to do a automatic lip sync but I have not tried it yet so I don’t know how well it works. What I did is place the characters element next to the sound element and copy and paste cells running cycles for the duration of that position it’s repetitive but goes pretty fast once you get going. that cartoon was done at 30 frames per second and the lip sync looks better that way as a lot of frames were lost when I cut it down to 12 frames per second for the internet which has to be done after export to stay in sync but now I an working in twos at 25 frames per second so my quality lose will be less if I go to 12 frames or up to 29 NTSC. Toon Boom dose a great job

Can you explain "I an working in twos at 25 frames "? Does that mean you make 2 identical frames. I am still trying to learn the frames thing. I do all my animations with the default 12 and I understand that is great for the web but not for, say a DVD.


Film is 24 fps so that is why it is the standard for animation and working in twos is what is considered the best for quality. this means every other frame changes that is called your key frame. You can do what ever you want you can work in fours and most people might not see much difference Japanese animation is sometimes done in sixes or even eighths but they have developed a look that works but is also why it looks jerky the less you have to do the more you can produce and it also depends on the movements you are working on but what ever you decide to do it is probably best to try to be consistent video depending on where you live is 25 fps for PAL and 29.97 NTSC check out this web site it will explain it.

hope that helps