My first attempt at an Animate Tutorial (feedback please)

That is is only part 1 which is pretty basic.

Part 2 will be up as soon as i get back from work and can upload it.

It just about making use of palettes, with some basic scene setup and drawing.

I am probably not going to do a drawing one (except maybe to go over the tools) because if i keep making them you will get sick to death of watching me draw since everything will be done from scratch.


part 2

Fantastic and simple to follow. Great man

Thanks. I hate hearing my voice recorded lol. I have a couple of pms asking for animate pro tutorials, I don’t have pro (and unlikly I will sadly in the near future) so it will just be standard animate but the tutorials should cross over fine.

Very cool!
The video was really good!
Thank you for your willingness to help us!
I’m already looking forward to the next! :slight_smile:

thanks! the video was a bit blurry but you explained what you were doing well enough that i was able to follow along. that makes a big difference.

The blurrness on the video is a mistake on my part that I won’t make again(part 2 has it too cause they were recorded straight after each other).

Basically when I made the video I just the screen capture software let me create and area, when converted to a standard video size(which i did to try and reduce filesize) became a little blurry. Next time I will use a fixed region which will make it much clearer. I would also plan a little better.

Thanks for the comments. Part 2 is uploading now. I will post when it is uploaded.

I will probably do part 3 which will be adding a road to the hills (because it will make the multiplane effect easier to see) and set the scene up with multiplane and add a camera (so I can do some camera moves to show it is working).

Part 2 is up (the more interesting part)

Thanks a lot for your work and time.


Loved it! I was going to mention the blurry video but I see you are aware of it already. This is HUGE. We now have 2 advanced users showing us how it’s done.

I have not watched the other ones cause I want to save it for the weekend, when I am alone and can absorb them all. Thanks

Looking good my friend… this is what I like to see. Simple to follow, step-by-step tutorials.

BTW, Adam Philips just released his Toon Boom tutorials, but don’t let this put you off… WE LOVE to see different styles and techniques.

The more the merrier!;action=display;threadid=1574

yeah I watch all his stuff :slight_smile: His intro videos were interesting cause he views the software differently to me because his viewpoint is different.

his totally different to me(and artistically a class above me, but no shame in admiting that since he worked for disney).

Coming from the disney background he draws frame by frame. I can’t see him changing anytime soon with the speed he can do it.

I do everything cutout and only do frame by frame if i have no choice.

I haven’t made up my mind what i am doing yet. Just doing some tests to see what sortof quaility i can produce.(thus wanting feedback).

Well done, thanks for your time and effort :slight_smile:

I also want to draw cut-out (puppets) and animate them using IK and bones etc. Much like you in this regard. However, Adam did say that he will teach cut-out animation in his series, so I think it’s definitely worth checking out and telling him to make tutorials.

I actually registered on his website forum and pretty much begged him for cut-out animation lessons, so I am very grateful that he listened to me and the other frustrated users.

I just them Raider, Awesome! Animate sometimes looks like a monster when It wants to act up, but both you an Adam P. seem to have it tamed. We must tame Animate people.

I hope you make more, and cover the juicy hard stuff, like Multiplane, Ik, and effect using those Naughty Pegs.

Thanks again I really appreciate it.

There will definitly be a part 3(which hopefully will be clearer) which makes the scene multiplane since it is perfectly setup for multiplane.

I am just going to draw a road over the hills into the distance to make it even clearer. It will also include moving the camera since you need to do that or there is no point!

part 3 on making it multiplane

i have no idea why it is blurry.

It is perfect on my computer :frowning:

It is because it is a non-standard width/hieght?

I have one on particles but im sick of it being blurry.

I love it… keep them coming!

I’ve watched this one on a loop, between these videos and Adam’s… I will finally be able to call myself a semi-decent animator after some weeks! :stuck_out_tongue:

good work, look forwards to more :wink:

This was very cool. It is a little blurry but I can see what you are doing well enough. Thanks Raider, I will refer to this video when the time comes.

the blur is pissing me off. Excuse the language.

I mean this video is picture perfect when I upload it. Apparently it is a common problem so maybe I need to play with formats (reduce it to 320-240 or whatever they use by myself instead of letting youtube do it.

I wonder what AP uses cause his come out really well.