My first animation

While I’ve got your attention, thanks for all the help I’ve gotten on this board. I would not have been able to make the animation without it.

i dont know why ur link is not opening here

it’s opening (no flash plugin, awais?) but, to be frank, i don’t like animations that could have been made by shooting a live scene with a camcorder, too.

i like animations that have an added value to the real life, sorry.

no rob ! i have everytype of plugin :smiley: may be its my ISP problem

I am lifelong fan of classical cartoons/animation and I’ll be making things more in line with the classical paradigm in the future. From my perspective, however, I never could have produced this piece in a live-action setting. I live in NYC and locating/dressing the set alone would have obviated the project on budgetary grounds. Plus, for me, the value in the piece was the damning criticism of CNN news coverage. Our intention is to produce a classic animated sitcom utilizing all the strengths of animation. We started with this news show format because it’s relatively script driven and was an easier way to get started – less orginal drawings. I’ll certainly let you know when I’ve made material more in line with your tastes. In the meantime, I’m very pleased to have TB to help me make shows like the one I’ve given a link to. Thanks for watching. I hope anyone else running across this thread will give my piece a try and judge it for themselves.


i’ve pondered a while before i posted my opinion, because it’s not too positive, and i’m glad you don’t take offence.

it only shows how tastes in america and in europe could differ. i appreciate the parody argument and i realize the budget difficulties. this is a point.
but nevertheless the tastes are very, very individual :slight_smile:

i wish you well with your projects.

Obviously not long enough. Or else you wouldn’t have posted it. ;D

give us a break, please that is so provincial

If someone spends their time making something and you don’t like it, it is best to not say anything, then to be critical. If the person specifically asks you for an honest critique then that’s fair game but in this case all that was done was a link was posted and a thank you included for the support and help received on the forums. It takes a lot of courage to put stuff out there in front of the world and that kind of courage deserves consideration. OK, I’m off of my “soap box”. -JK

i’m relieved that i may be critical without asking anyone for permission. anyone presenting their work to the world must bargain for any reaction.

i tried to be kind in my critical attitude, though, but your posting, jk, makes me poisonous. who are you to judge other people? or do you think you can beat me at tennis? :wink:

TENNIS, with dueling rackets and good German beer to the winner. -JK

you can have the glass anyway.
i prefer wine (or malt) to beer :wink:

Feedback …even negative feedback is always good. I want to ask you a little bit about this response …because I read it and it got me thinking about something I’m currently working on.

Was it because the characters in his animation are not cartoonish looking, or was it because they are not doing cartoon stuff?

it’s definitely about acting. the looks can be more or less cartoony, but the contents is for me primarily the action, opposed to attitudes that prefer spoken content.
the utter consequence could be for me the non-verbal content at all, examples being mordillo’s shorts:

or cavandoli’s ‘la linea’:

and once again: the characters’ looks don’t really matter.

more examples are canadian ones → chris hinton’s ‘flux’:

and ‘nibbles’:

and a real masterpiece: cordell barker’s ‘the cat came back’: