My first animation

Hi, i d like to show you my first animation ever :slight_smile:

I count on many critical response :slight_smile:

Btw. I have big problem with one thing maybe some of you can help:;action=display;threadid=3487;start=0

As a first animation, good job!

I am going to list a few easy ways I would improve it

1. With the tyre, edit the animation curves so you have a more realistic swing.

2. Try to avoid sliding of the feet (or be lazy like me and use camera angles to make things easier).

3. I would start with the camera steady on the lift and opening. Then he exits and you camera move. The way it starts seems out of nowhere.

Thanks raider :slight_smile:

I aware of issues you mention and i hope i ll fix them, but for now this is my best :smiley:
Can you tell me something motre about this angle camera technique?
What do you think about my drawing? Is it ok? I m totally amateur in this. I never draw, and now i learn it hard :smiley:

Hi again, ichange some things you mention and add some new :smiley:
I know the smoke looks poor right now, but i think i should usre morphing to better effect, and some effect from module library, but i havent learnt it yet from tutorials, so it ll be add soon :smiley:

Here is the link:

Hi Dominik

Fun stuff!

You should do from this clip different approaches with the camera

For example at first the camera is at an open angle and then when he start to smoke the camera slowly zooms in as he expels the smoke. That could be a good approach for a transcition for a different scene for example.

My two cents


I love watching south park for how to use camera angles.

They have a super simple style, but the use of angles creates something visually interesting to watch.

They used to do a video where they went over the process including storyboarding but they took them down for some reason.

Thanks guys for your opinions. In fact i am totally noob in direction and camera operation. Maybe you could recommend me some stuff about this?