my first animation

wanted to email this to toonboom showcase but the file is too big, more than my emails limiit of 25Mb. this is my first animation ever, i learned toonboom animate while making this one, so let me you what you think…it’s called “Slacktivism” and “Tartar Studio” is what i named my little “laptop” studio here, the language of this animation is unfotunately not english, haven’t gotten around subtitiling it yet, but the concept should be clear, i hope!


I Liked it. Seems to work well without a translation. Good backgrounds and colour choices. When the guy’s hand comes up to touch his glasses, did you consider having come up at an angle?


You say this was your first animation? Nice! If I had to pick something, I would say the pacing could be just a little bit faster. Good graphics, and the audio was top notch. Well done!

Thanks Bob and Bishwooby,
It actually took me a while to decide on the angle, I eventually had to stand in front of a mirror and do it myself and found out that at such a close camera zoom it’s really that slight. The mirror technique has proven to be very useful to decide on the key frames of mmost of character’s gross movements. Just make sure you lock the door so nobody walks in on you doing it!

I submited my animation to the showcase, but I havent heard anything from Toon Boom yet. Will they notify if they showcase my animation? Thanks

Just as a note if you ever want to submit something to the showcase, just email If the file size is too large to attach to an email, then they can set up an ftp where you can drop your work.