My first animation in toon boom

Well I didnt know where to post this article so I posted in this topic.

Here is an animation I did after reading various tutorials.

Its a start. I never thaught animation would be easier with toonboom.

But creating even a one minute animation is one hell of a work.

It might be that its because my first animation.

SO please rate it. And do I have potentioal in animating? ( I mean can I make professional animations if I keep practicing like this? )
THis animation took 3 days to complete. Especially sounding was extraodinally difficult.

If video is not showing (not embeded) use this link:

Very nice stuff. And yes animation is tiresom. I taught myself the entire process of animation on ToonBoom.
If you want to check out me and a buddies Rough Draft of an idea. You Tube and type in Hazard6211 thats my channell.
Please let me know what you think. Keep in mind I know its bad.