my first animate video

Hey all-
Just finished my first real animation with toon boom animate. I really still feel like a newb, but am hoping to have more sophisticated things accomplished soon. Let me know what you think!

That is actually pretty awesome. Totally exceeded expectations for a first effort. I really love stylised stuff.

The blood I felt let it down a bit and didn’t fit style wise.

I loved the scene with the cyclops in the boat and the whale going under the boat. That was just timed really nicely.

What did you do the art in ?

Hey thanks! Yeah I totally agree about the blood- I kind of ran out of time! I was scanning my paintings and then cutting them out in Photoshop and piecing them together in animate. I used a lot of the animate effects and drawing tools for accents. I really loved working with animate and it has really expanded my thinking with regards to animating. I put everything into final cut, but did all the color corrections in animate.