My first Animate Test

This is the first character I draw and rig in Animate and sort of animate in Animate. Long ways to go and this little 10 second clip took almost two days to make. I still need to make all the mouth symbols and different angles.

congrats, good to see you got it rigged up :slight_smile:

You welcome, I cheated on the Lip Sync and did it in Flash … SSHHH :-X
Just got too frustrated after making scrambled eggs out the symbols and heirachys, LOL. Will not give up. Here is the Lip SYnc Test …

If anyone wants this character Rig in Animate format to play with let me know and I will put it up. It’s a very generic character but good for practice.

This looks great!

Great job on this Matador. I’m about to take on the daunting task of lip synching for the characters in my pilot episode. I foresee lots of frustration ahead!

Thanks fellas, Jeff I failed miserably while trying to set up the lip sync. I’m sure you will be challenged but isn’t it fun and exciting though?

I have to say, I have a newfound respect for animators - it is a ton of work!

The work is really setting everything up. IF you can do the pre work you make your life a lot easier in the long run.

looks good