My first 3:00 long toon, "Edge of Destruction". Whew!

After several months work I have completed my first three minute toon! It’s kinda retro, early 80’s pre-MTV. Has to do with the not-so-talented aspiring guitarist/songwriter we have all known somewhere in our lives. Feedback welcome. Thanks-- Jeff Nicholson. Viewable on YouTube: or key on Jeff Nicholson Father and Son Edge of Destruction

Cool!!! I like the visual style of the production. Great hand drawings!You got a web site? Keep this stuff up!

Rob, thanks. I watched your work in progress you posted a few weeks ago. Loved the shades gag. Looking forward to seeing the completed. I have the fatherandsontoon domain but haven’t gone live with it yet. Maybe after a couple toons under by belt

Well, you have a good thing here. Keep going with it. Think about using a blog (free!) to launch from also, as well as YouTube.

Hey Jeff, this is really funny. I especially like the part when he solos and switches to the fuzzier channel. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.