My file has completley wiped itself clean losing 9 hours of very hard work

y file corrupted after my computer messed up and now when I open the file it comes up with the message “The following errors occurred: -Cannot open an empty project. Adding a default empty space”

-Error parsing auxiliary file
error occurred while parsing element at line 1, column 1

It almost looks like two of my files might have collided? Danger_Meme is the name of another file I have

Please try and help me out, I’m desperate to get back all of my work

And I did save it all the time, can someone at least explain to me how to restore an old save on a windows 10 computer

Hey Charli,

I’m not sure if I can help, but if you’re familiar with your Harmony database setup, can you navigate to the scene folder where your project lives? If so, can you still see the various drawings as individual elements within the folder? If so, you may be able to create a new blank scene using Control Center and then copy the drawings and elements from the original project folder into the new project folder. It may not work but I’ve had some success in the past with this.

Also, just for future reference, you can use Control Center to create periodic compressed archives of your shot so that you always have a previous version you can access that is separate from the version you are actively working on.

Hope this helps!