My drawings aren't aligned in the drawing view

All of my pegs and elements are in its proper place for my 360 rig but when I turn on the light in the drawing view my elements are all over the place. I made sure that I moved my drawings with the peg/parent peg attached into the right place for each side. is there anyway to fix this without starting over. I’m working in premium.

When you watch the drawings in the drawing view they have no peg information on them. It the default position that you see.

So if you reposition the drawings/pegs in the camera they will not look the same in the drawing view.

Thats how I think it works.

/ Mattias

As Mattias mentioned, in the Drawing view you always see the original state of the drawings (position, scale, rotation). The difference between the Drawing and the Camera View can be explained in terms of drawings vs frames. A frame might have a drawing as it is or somewhat transformed in terms of position, scale, etc. That is, the drawing will have its characteristics kept in the Drawing view, but might be somewhat altered in the Camera view.

There are situations in which you can use any of the views, but there are also specific situations in which you should use one or the other. For instance, if you want to correct a drawing that is skewed or deformed in the Camera view you will have to go to the Drawing view to edit it with the drawing tools. On the other hand, as in your situation, you should use the Camera view if you want to see the drawings realigned by the pegs. As a principle, I would not use pegs to change the original resting position of drawings - I would move them, if necessary, with the Select tool, which acts on the drawings themselves -, but that doesn’t mean you cannot work that way.

just to make sure I understand you correctly, as long as my pegs are in the proper place in the camera view my drawings won’t be disrupted when I go to animate? In the camera view my pegs are aligned correctly where I need them, so I’m assuming for my understanding the drawing view is just showing me the original position of where the peg and drawing was (before) I moved it?

In the drawing view there is no peg/ pivot info.
Its like a sheet of paper with an image. You can edit that drawing and that will change how it looks in the camera view.

If you had set a pivotpoint in the camera view but edit the drawing in the drawing view so it change it will not work with the pivot you had set.

So peg and pivot info is set in the camera view only.

ok thank you